Our annual Cill Chartha Ten Week Development Draw starts on Sunday 23rd October and ends with a double draw on December 18th, fully paid up members on November 27th will be entered into a draw for two prizes of €500, buy online at the link bellow you can pay in full or by installments just click on the drop down menu for payment options, ticket sellers will be also calling to households in the parish.

Thank you for your continued support.

€25,000 in prizes to be won, the weekly prizes are: 

1st prize €1,000, 2nd €500, 3rd €300, 4th, 5th & 6th €200

Two prizes of €500 for Paid up Members on Week 6   

Payment Options


Our annual Cill Chartha Ten Week Development Draw starts on Sunday 23rd October and ends with a double draw on December 18th, fully paid up members on November 27th will be entered into a draw for two prizes of €500, buy online at the link bellow you can pay in full or by installments just click on the drop down menu for payment options, ticket sellers will be also calling to households in the parish.

Thank you for your continued support.

€25,000 in prizes to be won, the weekly prizes are: 

1st prize €1,000, 2nd €500, 3rd €300, 4th, 5th & 6th €200

Two prizes of €500 for Paid up Members on Week 6   

Payment Options


2021 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten

€1000 Isobel Boyle, Mohill, Co Leitrim

€500 Jim McLaughlin, Teelin

€300 David Kennedy, Line Road, Carrick

€200 Bridie McSweeney, Cruckarra

€200 Geraldine Hardy, Beefan, Glencolmcille

€200 Anna Marie Gillespie, Glenmalin, Glencolmcille.

Week Nine

€1000 Mary Brennan, Dunkineely

€500 Francis Byrne, Arrigle

€300 George P Doherty, Clogher, Carrick

€200 Saoirse, Oisin & Erin Byrne, Straleel

€200 Roisia & Martin Carr, Drimroe, Glencolmcille

€200 Barry McGinley, Umiskin

Week Eight

€1000 Rose & Mairéad McFadden, Towney

€500 Joe Brennan, St Nauls GAA

€300 Cormac Cannon, Cruckarra

€200 Sean Dunnion, Four Masters GAA

€200 Francie Marley, Glenfin

€200 James Byrne, Carrick

Week Seven

€1000 Adrian Byrne, Clogher, Carrick
€500 Siobhán Ní Churraighin, Teelin
€300 Carmel Gallagher, Churchtown
€200 Neilly Cannon, Dublin
€200 Tom & Noreen Gilmartin, Kilbeg
€200 Ian Hegarty, Main Street, Kilcar

Week Six

€1000 Kevin "Larry" Gallagher, Ardara

€500 David Lavelle, Dublin

€300 Jim McLaughlin, Teelin

€200 Mary O'Donnell, Meenanery

€200 Gerry & Joanie Lyons, Cashel

€200 Michelle McShane, Donegal Town

Fully paid up members draw

€500 Kay O'Donnell, Stranakirka

€500 Neil Kelly, Teelin

Week Five

€1000 Noel McBrearty, Curris

€500 Mairéad Hegarty, Kilcar Road, Fintra

€300 David McShane, Dublin

€200 Deirdre Kennedy, Drimnafinnagle

€200 John and Eileen Hegarty, Ardara

€200 Mary Ann Byrne, Straleel. 

Week Four

€1000 Margaret Cunningham, Bavin

€500 Tommy Breslin, Perth/Straleel

€300 Barry Gallagher, Spar Bruckless

€200 Eileen Gallagher, Killybegs

€200 Margaret Byrne, Straleel

€200 Carmel McGuinness, Dunkineely.

Week Three

€1000 Bernard Kelly, Convoy

€500 Noreen McHugh, Bavin

€300 Paul Hegarty, Main Street

€200 Anne Lowther, Mountcharles

€200 Patricia Cunningham, Strabrinnia

€200 Ann Marie Jones, Straleel

Week Two

€1000 Louise Boyle, Towney

€500 Ronan McAteer, Glenswilly

€300 Paddy & Geraldine Sweeney, Bavin

€200 Daniel Byrne, Killybegs

€200 Kelsey Bourne, Letterkenny

€200 Neil Kelly, Teelin

Week One

€1000 Patrick Larry Gallagher, Ardara

€500 Stephen McBrearty, Curris

€300 Gary Gillespie, Carrick

€200 Casey Byrne, Bavin

€200 Iarlath, Ultan & Fintan McGill, Letterkenny

€200 Michael & Tracy Smith, Bavin

2020 Ten Week Draw

Rearranged draw begins Sunday 6th December with a double draw and will be streamed on Facebook at 8:30pm, the draws on the 13th and 20th will also be double draws.

Week Ten 

€1000 Annie Gallagher, Killybegs

€500 Charlie McDevitt, Churchtown

€300 Malachy McCann, Buncrana

€200 Mary & Peter Hegarty, Letterkenny

€200 Sarah Byrne, Crolly

€200 Mary Ann Byrne, Straleel

Week Nine 

€1000 Mary & Andy Service, Carrick

€500 Mairead Connelly, Fintra

€300 Liam & Ryan Byrne, Glencolmcille

€200 Tanya Byrne, Largymore

€200 Nora Shovlin, Bavin

€200 Malachy Haughey, Cashlings

Week Eight

€1,000 Gabriel Duffy, c/o Top Oil

€500 Andy Doherty, Kilcar

€300 Tina Doogan, c/o Mary Football

€200 Tara Gillespie, Kille

€200 John McConnell, Ardara

€200 Christopher Cunningham, Straleel

Having double checked we realised that ticket number 119, John & Katie Doherty, Crove was drawn for the last €200 prize but ticket number 109 (Christopher Cunningham, Straleel), was read out in error. Our apologies for this and we will honour both names with €200 each.

Week Seven

€1,000 Aisleen McBrearty, Dachtan

€500 Patsy Gildea, Ardara

€300 John J Byrne, Towney

€200 Sheila Hegarty, Largymore

€200 John Mallon, Dungannon

€200 Claire Campbell, Castlecarn

Week Six

€1,000 Leanne Connolly, Dublin

€500 Patsy Meehan, Donegal Town

€300 Raymond Carr, Glasgow

€200 Annette Conroy, Croagbeg

€200 Joanne McHugh, Stranakirka

€200 Noreen Cunningham, Straleel

Paid up Members Draw

€500 Noelle Campbell, Castlecarn

€500 Brendan Kelly, Letterkenny

Week Five

€1,000 Paddy Bourne, Letterkenny

€500 Carmel Byrne, Drimroe, Glencolmcille

€300 Mary a Byrne, Straleel

€200 Marty McGing, Killybegs

€200 Margaret Sweeney, Curris

€200 Niamh McGuire, c/o Aidan Gallagher

Week Four

€1,000 Fiona O'Donnell, Ballymacfadden

€500 Nicola Doogan, Drimreagh

€300 Evelyn McBrearty, Bogagh

€200 Ciaran Kelly, c/o Kelco Ltd.

€200 John J Gallagher, Meenacannon

€200 Emma McSweeney, Cruckarra

Week Three

€1,000 Marie Cunningham, Kille

€500 Fr Kevin Donaghy, Bavin

€300 Geraldine Kane, Mountcharles

€200 Odie McBride, Donegal Town

€200 Martin Boyle, Burtonport

€200 Charlie Mooney, Ardara

Week Two

€1,000 Mary McHugh, Towney

€500 Yvonne Molloy, Kilcar Lodge

€300 Ross Brady, Towney

€200 Mary B Ryan, Glencolmcille

€200 Shauna Brady, Walkinstown, Dublin

€200 Joanne McHugh, Stranakirka

Week One

€1,000 Paddy Haughey, Carrick Upper

€500 Peggy & Eunan Cunningham, Chapel Gate, Carrick

€300 Claire Byrne, Bunglas Road, Teelin

€200 Seán Ó Ghallachóir, Doirebeaga

€200 Pádraig Doherty, Bogagh

€200 John McConnell, Ardara


2019 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten

€1,000 Anthony Molloy, Ardara

€500 Ann Byrne, Killybegs

€300 John Curran, Bogagh

€200 Declan McShane, Kilcausey

€200 Carmel McGinley, Meenacharvey

€200 John “Cook” Byrne, Glencolmcille

Week Nine

€1,000 Mary & Martin McKenna, Towney

€500 Máire McCabe, Ardara

€300 Sean Paul O’Donnell, Teelin

€200 Rose & Mairead McFadden, Towney

€200 Claire Byrne, Creeven

€200 Ann & John Heekin, Glencolmcille

Week Eight   

€1,000 Oliver Kennedy, Meenaneary

€500 Martin Boyle, Keadue, Burtonport

€300 Bernadette & Arlene Byrne, Cashel, Glencolmcille

€200 Grainne & Martin McBrearty, Largy

€200 Caroline McGill, Glengesh/Letterkenny

€200 Joanne McHugh, Stranakirka

Week Seven

€1,000 Mary Football, Straleel

€500 Ronan Brennan, Meenacross, Dungloe

€300 Coleen Hegarty, London

€200 Barry Campbell, Kilcar

€200 Cloe & Kayla Regan, Glenties

€200 Conor & Aoife Gillespie, Line Road, Carrick

Week Six 

€1,000 John Byrne, Rannakilla

€500 Oscar O’Donnell c/o Bernie O’Gara, Towney

€300 Imelda Boyle, Straleel

€200 James McGuinness, Largy

€200 Dylan & Eden Molloy, Glenties

€200 Bridie McSweeney, Cruckarra.

Paid up members draw:

€500 Sophie & Tori McCloskey, Towney

Mary Byrne, Bayview, Cashel

Week Five

€1,000 Eoin O’Donnell, Kilcar

€500 Marion Shovlin, Castlecarn

€300 Catherine McGuinness, Killybegs

€200 Conal A Gildea, Ardara

€200 Glenda Dolan, Kilcar

€200 Aodh O’Donnell, Largymore.

Week Four

€1,000 Eunan Murray, Kilcar

€500 Noel McHugh, Dublin Road, Cavan

€300 Roseleen Curran, Bogagh

€200 Gerard and Geraldine Kane, Mountcharles

€200 Moira Clarke, Curris

€200 Mark Edwards, Castlecarn/Dublin

Week Three

€1,000 Gerard Gallagher, Cashlings

€500 Eric and Cian Byrne, Arrigle

€300 Conal Diver, Bavin

€200 Cormac Herrity, Cladnageara

€200 Eugene Gallen, Eurosaver Donegal

€200 Maureen Cunningham, Riversdale Heights, Killybegs.  

Week Two 

€1,000 Nuala Cunningham, Cronroad

€500 Tina Kennedy, Meenaneary

€300 Maire McShane, Kilcausey

€200 Gerardybo McCourt, c/o Mary Football

€200 Patrick Doogan, Crove

€200 Conal & Marie Cunningham, Cuskry

Week One 

€1,000 Stephen Gallagher, Cronroad

€500 Heidi Gillespie, Curris

€300 Tanya Byrne, Largymore

€200 Willie Cunningham, Cronroad

€200 Danny Haughey, Ballard, Glencolmcille

€200 Margaret & Noel O'Donnell, The Rock

2018 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten

€1000 Siobhain McBrearty, Killybegs

€500 Fiona McGinley, Kilcar

€300 Sara and Matthew McGinley, Kille

€200 Michael Byrne, Killybegs

Noel and Margaret O'Donnell, The Rock

Patsy Gildea, Ardara 

Week Nine

€1000 John Curran, Bogagh

€500 Paddy and Rose Heekin

€300 Noel and Margaret O'Donnell, The Rock

€200 Emma McSweeney, Cruckarra

James McGinley, Derrylaughan

Patrick Cassie, Bogagh

Week Eight

€1000 John Byrne, Ranakillew

€500 John and Alan Doherty, Bogagh

€300 Diana Slattery, Castlegregory, Co Kerry

€200 Joe Haughey, Teelin

Dylan and Eden Molloy, Glenties

Paddy McBrearty, Upper Carrick

Week Seven

€1000 Barry and Sandra McCloskey, Derrylaughan

€500 Mary Football and Martin Byrne, Towney Field

€300 Adrian Byrne, Byrne's Foodstores

€200 Seamus Byrne, Byrne's Foodstores

Declan Conroy, Rolagh

Delores McShane, Castlecarn/Rathfarnmham

Week Six

€1000 Bridget and John McGinley, Braide 

€500 Noreen Cunningham, Kille 

€300 Nora Byrne, Roxboro

€200 Adrienne Gormley, Bogadh

Michael Doherty, Bogadh

Joe Cannon, Straleel and Dublin.

Paid up members draw

€500 Daithi Mockler

€500 Mary Football

Week Five

€1000 Aodh O’Donnell, Derrylathan

€500 Trevor McBrearty, Drimnafinagle

€300 Maureen, John and Brian, Derrylathan

€200 Roseleen Curran, Bogagh

Maura Clarke, Curris

Cait Boyle, Straleel

Week Four

€1000 Barbara Hegarty, An Glasan

€500 Tara Gillespie, Cille

€300 Nicola Doogan, Drimreagh

€200 Paddy McDevitt, Drimnafinigle

Gerry Lyons, Cashel

Bernadette Nic Giolla Easpaic, Roalgh

Week Three

€1000 Joe Haughey, Teelin

€500 Annie Deane, Cruckarra

€300 Fr Eddie Gallagher, Parochial House

€200 Paddy O’Donnell, Bavin

Stephen O’Byrne, Lucan

Patrick Breslin, Bruckless

Week Two

€1000 Finn Kuipers c/o Paddy Gallagher 

€500 Kate Meehan c/o Mary Football 

€300 Martina Deane, Cruckarra 

€200 Olivia Doogan, Drimreagh

Seamus McHugh, Teelin

Don Monaghan, Donegal Tyres

Week One

€1000 Declan Meehan c/o Mary Football 

€500 Michael Byrne, Conlin, Killybegs 

€300 James McGuinness, Largy

€200 Packie Haughey, Cruckarra

Sean Hegarty, Derrylaghan

Malachy Haughey, Cashlings

2017 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten

€1,000 Claire Byrne, Lisnenan, Letterkenny 

€500 O’Donnells, Coguish 

€300 Enda Bonner, Dungloe

€200 Emma Cunningham, Strabrinnia

Deirdre Doogan, Drimreagh

Charlie Keeney, Clogher, Carrick

Week Nine

€1,000 Martin Gallagher, Drimreagh

€500 Eamon O’Boyle, Dublin

€300 Caroline McGill, Glengesh

€200 Paddy O’Donnell, Killybegs 

Susie Gillespie, Gweedore

David Gillespie, Meenaveen.

Week Eight

€1,000 Tara Rawdon, Carricknamohill, Killybegs 
€500 Donal McBrearty, Carrick
€300 Peter Molloy, Lougheraherk, Glen
€200 Maire McCabe, Ardara
Chloe Regan, Glenties 
Mary B and Jimmy O’Donnell, Straleel 

Week Seven

€1000 Desmond Haughey, Curris

€500 Hugh & Mary Ann Byrne, Straleel

€300 Seamus Tully, Killybegs

€200 Hugh & Marie Rafferty, Drimreagh

Danny Byrne, Croagh, Dunkineely

Oliver Prunty, Convoy

Week Six

€1000 Mary Football, Straleel

€500 Michael Molloy, Churchtown

€300 Gabriel Meehan, Scoil Cartha Naofa

€200 Kat and Hannah Carr, Churchtown

Ann and Patricia Sheridan, Donegal Town

Ronan Diver, Bavin

Paid up members draw

€500 Conal Diver, Bavin

€500 Paddy Haughey, Carrick Upper, Carrick.

Week Five Winners

€1000 Patsy Meehan, Donegal Town

€500 Paddy McBrearty, Curris

€300 Padriag Doogan, Crove

€200 Emma McSweeney, Kilcar

Patricia Cunningham, Strabrinna

David Alcorn

Week Four

€1000 Anna May and Katie O’Donnell, Crove

€500 Seamus Carr, Main Street, Kilcar

€300 Seamus Hegarty, Cashlings

€200 Deirdre O’Brien, Inver

Kieran McCabe, Inver

Alan Erskine, Towney Road

Week Three

€1000 Paddy Cannon, Straleel

€500 Malachy Woods, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan

€300 Mairead Gallagher, Killybegs

€200 Tiny Cunningham, Carrick

Edel Bergin, Ballymacfadden

Tony Arnold, Mountcharles

Week Two

€1000 Bridie O’Donnell, Kilcar Post Office

€500 Annie McGinley, Meeneneary

€300 Christopher McFadden, Towney

€200 Eoin Byrne, Leitir

Margaret Byrne, Dunkineely

Martin Campbell, Meenboy

Week One

€1000 Máire Ní Eochaidh, Teileann

€500 Christopher Cunningham, Straleel

€300 Pauric Carr, Coguish

€200 Shane Breslin, Straleel

JP and Steffie, Derrylaughan

Carmel Kelly, Carrick

2016 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten

€1,000 Glenda & Daithi Dolan, Kilcar

€500 Michael Doherty, New York

€300 Rachel Carr, Drimreagh

€200 Mary Ryan, Glencolmcille

Antony Forde, Cavan

Sea Quest Girls, Killybegs

Week Nine

€1,000 Marie & Seamus Boyle, Crove

€500 Margaret Campbell, Meenboy

€300 Rose & Mairead McFadden, Towney

€200 Annie McGinley, Meenaneary

Elaine Cooney, Kinnegad

Kathleen Gillespie, Curris

Week Eight

€1,000 Edel Byrne, Largymore

€500 Fiona O’Shea, Killybegs

€300 Noel McGinley, Cashlings

€200 Pauric Lynch, Falcarragh

Adrian Byrne, Byrnes Stores

Bridie Molloy, Stragar, Killybegs

Week Seven

€1,000 Eimear Carr, Keenaghan

€500 Patricia McGuire, Dunkineely

€300 Noel McGinley, Cashlings

€200 Conal A Gildea, Ardara

Nollaig Gillespie, Dachtan

Kieran O’Gara, Glencolmcille

Week Six

€1,000 Margaret Doherty, Cloghan, Glenfin

€500 Declan Gillespie, Carrick Upper, Carrick

€300 Peter Tynan, Buncrana

€200 Kayleigh Boyle, Towney

Elaine Cooney, Kinnegad

Terence Boyle, Atomic Hair

Paid up members draw

€500 Amy McGinley, An Glásan, Towney Road

€500 Betty Carr, Glencolmcille

Week Five

€1,000 Anne Breslin, Shalvey, Kilcar

€500 Tom and Betty Glynn, Drimnafinagle, Kilcar

€300 Rob Goodwin, Killybegs

€200 Declan Gillespie, Carrick Upper

Kayleigh Boyle, Towney

Barry Conroy, Dublin

Week Four

€1,000 Eithne Diver, Largymore, Kilcar

€500 Trevor McBrearty, Drimnafinagle, Kilcar

€300 Tommy Gallen c/o The Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey

Eric and Cian Byrne, Roxboro, Kilcar

Rachel Carr, Drimreagh, Kilcar

Peggy Cunningham, Chapel Gate, Carrick

Week Three

€1,000 Connie O’Gara, Glencolmcille

€500 Seamus J McGinley, Glencolmcille

€300 Adam, Sophie, Louise and Kevin Barnes, Towney Road, Kilcar

€200 Mary Conroy c/o Patrick McBrearty

Carmel Byrne, Riverside, Carrick

Tara and Aishling Molloy, Yonkers, New York

Week Two

€1,000 Lorraine Cannon, Dublin

€500 Anthony Forde, Cavan

€300 Savannah & Adrianna Doherty, Rolough

€200 Noreen Cunningham, Straleel

Pat Scanlan, New York

Michael Boyle, Umiskin

Week One

€1,000 Paddy Carr, Main Street, Kilcar

€500 Padraig Carr, Carrick

€300 Mamie Kennedy, Meenenary

€200 Sean O’Gara, Muckross

Conal Aidan Gildea, Ardara

Pauric Carr, Coguish

2015 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten

€1,000 Marie Cunningham, Old Laghey Road, Donegal 

€500 Eunan and Peggy Cunningham, Carrick 

€300 Nuala McGuire c/o Patrick Gallagher, Cashlings, Kilcar

€200 Kevin Gallagher, Bavin, Kilcar

Christina Byrne, Meenaveen, Carrick

Pearl Maxwell, Glencolmcille. 

Week Nine

€1,000 Shane Breslin, Straleel, Kilcar 

€500 Shauna Brady, Towney, Kilcar 

€300 Isla McShane, Roxbro, Kilcar 

€200 Tom Campbell, Chapel Gate, Kilcar

Brid Blessing, Straleel, Kilcar

Seamus Doogan, Ballymacfadden, Kilcar. 

Week Eight

€1,000 Declan Conroy, Rolagh, Kilcar 

€500 John Curran, Bogagh, Kilcar 

€300 Bridie Molloy, Stragar, Killybegs 

€200 John McConnell, Ardara

Nula O’Byrne, Doonin, Kilcar

Eileen and Carmel Kelly, Carrick 

Week Seven

€1,000 James McGuinness, Largy

€500 James McBrearty, Bogagh 

€300 Kieran O’Gara, Glen 

€200 Karen Rafferty, Drimreagh

Angela O’Hallorhan, Bogagh Road, Carrick

Ann Marie Jones, Straleel

Week Six

€1,000 Bobby and Margaret Cunningham, Bavin 

€500 John F Doogan, Ballymacfadden 

€300 Brid Gallagher, Bogagh 

€200 Mary Byrne, Cashel, Kilcar

Proncais Carr, Derrylaghan

Carmel Byrne, Carrick 

Week Five

€1,000 Joe O’Donnell, Ballybofey 

€500 Noreen Gilmartin, Kilbeg 

€300 Aaron, Ryan and Oisin McShane, Bavin 

€200 Laura, Michael and Mark Byrne, Roxbrough

Francis and Mairead Cunningham, Carrick

John Cunnane, Co. Mayo

Week Four

€1,000 Maureen & Francie Gallagher, Island, Killybegs 

€500 Betty & Tom Glynn, Drimnafinnagle, Kilcar 

€300 Victoria Byrne, Glen

€200 Donna Doherty, Rolough

Aisling McShane, Towney

Paddy Cassidy, Teelin

Week Three

€1,000 James Carr, Letir 

€500 Anna O'Donnell, Ardara 

€300 Michael Doherty, Bogagh 

€200 Concepta Doogan, Kille 

Michael O'Donnell, Ballymoon 

Majella O'Donnell, Ballymcfadden. 

Week Two
€1,000 Paul O'Donnell, Ballymoon
€500 Noreen O'Leary, Keenaghan
€300 Noel & Margaret O'Donnell, The Rock
€200 Margaret McShane, Castlecarn
Paddy & Geraldine Sweeney, Bavin
Mary Boyle c/o Errigal Fish 

Week One

€1,000 Gerard Gallagher, Cashlings.
€500 John Murrin, Killybegs 
€300 Michael O'Byrne, Doonin
€200 Kieran O'Gara, Glen
Nuala Ni Domhaill, Derrylahan
Kevin Gallagher, Cashlings 

2014 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten

€1,000 Jason Shovlin, Castlecarn 

€500 Ciara and Laureen Lawlor c/o Marie McGuinness 

€300 Michael and Stevie Mitchell, Leite

 €200 Maggie O’Donnell, Shalvey

Paddy Doogan, Crove

Edel Bergin, Galway 

Week Nine

€1,000 Eunan Murray, Main Street, Kilcar 

€500 Declan Cannon, Castlecarn 

€300 John Cunningham, Glen 

€200 Katie McShane, Roxbrough 

Yvonne Byrne c/o Seamus Breslin 

Margaret Byrne, Straleel.

Week Eight

€1,000 Phelim McGill, Straleel 

€500 Fionnuala Hegarty, Main Street 

€300 Evan and Ava Campbell, Keenaghan 

€200 Seán O’Gara, Muckross 

Adrienne Gormley, Bogagh 

Rose McBrearty, Killybegs. 

Week Seven

€1,000 Mary B Ryan, Glen 
€500 Jimmy and Mary O’Donnell, Straleel 
€300 Patrick McGroarty, c/o Swan Nets 
€200 Claire Gallagher, Cronroad
Dessie and Patricia Kelly, Castlefin 
Jimmy White, Killybegs. 

Week Six

€1,000 Oliver Boyle, Garaross, Glen 

€500 Sean Byrne, Churchtown 

€300 Carmel Fallon c/o Eileen Kelly, Carrick 

€200 Caroline Kelly, Frosses 

Michael Flynn, Castlefinn 

Martin Gallagher, Letterkenny

Week 5

€1,000 Kieran McShane, Convoy 
€500 Marion Shovlin, Castlecarn 
€300 Emma and Chloe Gallagher, Roxbro 
€200 James Byrne, Carrick Upper 
Donal McShane, Towney 
Oliver McIntyre, Strabrinna 

Paid up members draw 

€500 Timmy O’Driscoll

€500 Shaun Howley, Dunkineely 

Week Four

€1,000 Colm Garvey, Drimnafinigle 

€500 Michael Gallagher c/o Declan Gallagher OGT 

€300 Charlie Keeney, Clogher, Carrick 

€200 Caroline McGill, Glenesh 

Barry McShane, Keenaghan

Kathleen Keeney, Glen 

Week Three

€1,000 Nuala Ní Dhomhaill, Derrylaghan 

€500 Margaret and Susie, Killybegs 

€300 Rob Goodwin, Killybegs 

€200 Charlie McGroarty, Churchtown 

Maurice Carr, London 

Peadar Gillespie, Umiskin 

Week Two

€1,000 Martha Campbell, Ballyshannon 
€500 Andrew McGuire, Glencolmcille 
€300 Eva Gallagher, Drimnafinagle 
€200 Jackie McIntire, Glencolmcille
Tom Comack, Dungloe 
John Doogan, Bavin/Donegal Town 

Week One

€1,000 Timmy O’Driscoll, Main Street, Kilcar 
€500 Patricia McDevitt, Bavin 
€300 Michael Molloy, Churchtown 
€200 Evelyn Weirans c/o James Cunningham
James and Anne McGinley 
Shane Toolan, Bundoran 

2013 Ten Week Draw

Week Ten 

€1,000-Seamus J Mc Ginley, Glen 

€500-Frank Maloney, Teelin 

€300-Laura McClafferty, Kilcar

€200-Charlie McGroarty, Kilcar

Caroline Fobister, Killybegs

Charles Byrne, Kilcar 

Week Nine 

€1,000-Marie/Evelyn Boyle, Glen 

€500-Brid Butler, Kilcar 

€300-Adrienne Gormley, Carrick 

€200-Ann Mc Guire, Glen,

Hoganstand, Kilcar

Mary Dorrian, Kilcar 

Week Eight 

€1,000-Bernard Shovlin, Kilbeg 

€500-Hugh O’Gara, Muckross 

€300-Bella Cunningham, Drimreagh 

€200-John & Helen Gallagher, Meenacharvey

Margaret Murrin, Keenaghan

John McNulty, Kilcar 

Week Seven 

€1,000-Marion McGinley, Carrick
€500-Mary Brennan, Dunkineely
€300-Charlie Mc Devitt, Churchtown
€200-Conal Diver, Bavin

Thomas Bourke, Fintra

Rose Cannon Roxboro
Prizes for paid up tickets
€500-Aaron, Ryan and Oisin Mc Shane, Bavin
€500-Michael O’Donnell, Bogagh 

Week Six

€1,000-Bernie & Michael O’Gara, Kilcar 

€500-Charlie Keeney, Carrick 

€300-Conal Lyons, Kilcar
€200-Kathleen O’Donnell, Largymore

John Cunningham, Glen

Charlie Mooney, Ardara 

Week Five 

€1,000-Orlagh Carr, Leiter

€500-Seamús Heeney, Teelin 

€300-James Carr, Carndonagh 

€200-Úna O’Gara, Gannew

Hugh & Mary Ann Byrne, Straleel

David Kennedy, Kilcar 

Week Four 

€1,000-Emma McShane, Donegal Town 

€500-Frank Gallagher, Carrickmohill, Killybegs 

€300-James Cunningham, Kille, Kilcar 

€200-Majella O'Donnell, Ballymacfadden

James McGuinness, Largy

Paddy Haughey, Carrick 

Week Three 

€1,000-Pat Byrne, Meenaneary

€500-Shaun Maloney & Sandra Moore, Ardara 

€300-Geraldine McLaughlin, Carrick 

€200-Mary Carr, Drimnafinagle, Kilcar

Paddy Haughey, Carrick

Rebecca Goodwin, Killybegs.

Week Two 

€1,000-Kathleen Keeney, Glencolmkille 

€500-Joey Cunningham Kilcar 

€300-Mark & Yvonne O’Donnell 

€200-Caroline Kelly

Paddy Martin O’Gara

Nora McHugh. 

Week One 

€1,000-Patricia O’Gara, Glencolmkille 

€500-Paul Cully, Kilcar 

€300-Phelim McGill, Ardara  

€200-Michael Reid, Stranorlar

Stephen Hegarty

Joan Greenlaw